Monday, October 20, 2014

Research Guide Fall 2014

Research Project   Fall 2014
Define  What is your task? What is your teacher asking you to do? What does your final product need to look like? Ask questions!
Seek  Think of all the places you can look to find the information you need. What types of resources are you required to use? Evaluate those resources!

OPALS – The Library Catalog
Use a subject or keyword search to locate books on your topic.  Write down the call # and title of the book, then look for the book on the shelf.   Also check the VUHS library catalog for materials.  I can borrow items from the high school if need.  

Online Encyclopedias
Britannica School Encyclopedia.  Below is information for the free trial preview of Britannica School.  This preview is good up through 11/7/14.
Username – boloct2
Password - orange355

Online Reference Resources
Gale Databases– has a variety of research databases for students. The best database for this biographies would be Biography In Context  The VUES OPALS online catalog has a link on the right side of page or go to    
Password in school: drip  Password for home: seem
Type a keyword into the search box or follow the topic links to narrow your search!

Using Information From the World Wide Web
You can find some great information from the Web, but remember to EVALUATE the web site before you decide to use it.

Use   Read, hear, and view resources. Time to take notes! Remember to cite your sources. Remember that many of our online databases will give you the citation. Just cut and paste into a word or google doc! 

Synthesize  Put it all together! Organize your information and present your final product.

Evaluate  Take a look at your final product. Did you complete the project according to your teacher's guidelines? Check the rubric! Do you have all the pieces? If you forgot something, go back! 
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